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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! Volunteers are the reason we can do what we do!

Volunteers assist in our adaptive riding lessons by leading a horse or sidewalking, as well as by helping groom/tack horses. Outside of lessons, volunteers assist with cleaning stalls and manure from fields, as well as equipment maintenance, if time allows and this is something of interest to you.


Basic Requirements to Volunteer

  • A comfort level around horses

  • Desire to help disabled riders get the most out of each lesson

  • Ability to walk 45 minutes or longer (with some stops along the way) outside

  • Ability to walk/jog in variable arena footing



Complete the application form below and contact us to schedule a visit where we'll discuss what you would like to learn from your volunteering experience and when to attend a "hands on" volunteer training session.

Please wear clothing (long pants and a weather appropriate shirt) and boots (NO SNEAKERS) suitable for being around horses, dust, mud, etc.

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