The Best Educators

Our incredible horses are truly the heart of Freedom Horse Farm LLC. It’s their dedication, passion and talent that keeps students invested in the learning process. Take a look below to learn more about the horses.


Ashton is a Quarter Pony.

What Ashton says about himself:

I am fabulous and it shows. I have matured like a fine glass of wine. I can do just about anything you ask. However, I will test you to see if you know! You may ask me to go left and I'll go

I'm a fun guy.


Bella is a mystery, but a pony.

What Bella says about herself:

I love everyone. Pet me, lean on me, hug me, I cant get enough. I love to snuggle. I like to walk around the ring to get to know you and then we can go faster when you are ready. I love my treats and I will wait patiently by the treat house to get one when you are done.


Court Jester is a Standardbred

What Court Jester says about himself.

I was a race horse and was fast. I was rescued from a bad situation and now I live here!! I love Bella and Luna and can tolerate the brat called Symphony. I love to come out to ride but also love to talk to Bella and Luna if I cant see them. I want to make sure they are ok without me protecting them.  Ok Ok.. mom told me to tell the truth.. Bella and Luna protect me and I never want to leave.


Darma is a Minature Donkey

What Darma says about herself.

I am the boss. I run this farm. I do what I want when I want and tough manure if you dont like it. The girls think they are so smart by putting in fence boards so I cant get out. But they forgot my middle name is Houdini and I can magically appear where I want.


Herkules is a Hafflinger

What Herkules says about himself.

HI!! How are you? I'm so happy you came and hopefully you will pick me to be your partner! I am big, but am a snuggle bunny and love to get hugs.


Luna is an Appaloosa

What Luna says about herself.

First I have to say I live with Symphony and she is a brat! I love helping the students with learning how to ride. I have seasonal allergies and will cough sometimes, but I am ok, just need to clear the pipes!!


Samir is a Morgan.

What Samir says about himself.

I am currently semi-retired. I needed a break after working hard. At least that's what I am telling everyone. I love to do things ever so slowly, so I'm going to go back to work just as slow. I love teaching people how to groom, as I'm a good looking boy and love to keep up with my looks.


Poker Joe is a Throughbred.

What Poker says about himself.

I was a race horse and then came here. It was so different then what I used to do. It took me time and patience from my human family who understood I needed to be ready on my own time. So fast forward 7 years later... I milked it a little. I am now a great riding horse and cant wait to show you what I got.


Walter is an Appaloosa.

What Walter says about himself.

I love it here. I used to live with cows. They were nice, but not my type. Now I have girlfriends. I love my new home and love to get into things that are not my business... oh and I don't know personal space either, is that really a thing?