I am Sam


i am sam.jpg

Elizabeth Doskotz has always had a love of horses and children.


Being able to volunteer with a therapeutic (adaptive)  riding facility gave her so much pleasure. It wasn’t long before she decided that this was what she was meant to do.


She quit her full time job and with support of her family and friends she created Freedom Horse Farm LLC and Freedom Horse Inc. What started out as a dream had become a reality.


During this time she became an Advanced Therapeutic Riding Instructor and Mentor thru PATH International (formerly NARHA). She is also certified as an Equine Specialist with EAGALA.


Sam was Elizabeth’s first therapeutic riding horse. Sam taught her a lot. He had a big heart and it showed in the way he treated his riders and the volunteers that helped him.

Sam has since passed on. But his memory will always remain at Freedom Horse Farm. This book was written so that Sam can continue to help those to understand what our 4 hoofed family members do. Without them we would be nothing.