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Horse Powered Reading® focuses on the learning process for the individual and builds upon children’s natural curiosity and determination. During sessions, students are allowed to make discoveries and experiment with knowledge firsthand.

The interaction between client and horse gives the facilitator insight into what the client is experiencing inside and what patterns are working or not working for them. That interplay allows for profound learning to take place. 

Through this process, the horse creates an opportunity for immediate feedback and experiential learning to take place. 

Horse Powered Reading® integrates social-emotional learning with academics; thus allowing students see and experience reading with their entire mind, body and emotions by creating metaphors for the skills involved in reading.

Students interact with horses from the ground, while using toys and props to identify obstacles and learn five critical reading skills - phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension

* Session goals vary depending upon the needs of the individual or group, the same strategies used in Horse Powered Reading are used in Horse Powered Math.  As in reading, session goals in math vary depending upon the needs of the individual or group.

Skills addressed

  • Decoding - building phonics skills and sight word recognition

  • Vocabulary enhancement

  • Fluency development - reading quickly, accurately and with expression

  • Overcome barriers blocking comprehension

  • Practice study skills

  • Comprehend textbooks

  • Learn new, unfamiliar, and multi-syllable words

  • Achieve higher order thinking

  • Use critical and creative thinking


During sessions, students are given the opportunity to…



Issues affecting learning are identified and made visible by the client, through the use of obstacles (toys and props), which symbolize stumbling blocks that get in the way of understanding


Memory retention and recall improve dramatically when movement anchors learning Issues getting in the way of academic and social emotional growth are addressed by our expert team in the moment


Students are allowed to choose their own horse to work with, just as they would choose a book to read Students are then given an opportunity to connect with their chosen “book”


Sessions allow students a chance to reflect on what they are experiencing and provide an opportunity to create new patterns of learning in a supported environment


Why horses?

Horses can help clients learn to build connections

  • They are honest in the way they react to situations

  • Horses are extremely sensitive to the actions of humans

  • Horses have an incredible ability to pick up on our non-verbal behavior

  • Horses will only bond with someone when they feel the person is being "authentic"

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