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Lorayne The Classic Collection Pdf Download

Lorayne: The Classic Collection PDF Download

If you are looking for a comprehensive and reliable source of card magic, you may want to check out Lorayne: The Classic Collection by Harry Lorayne. This is a series of five volumes that contain some of the best card effects and routines ever created by the legendary magician and memory expert. In this article, we will give you an overview of what you can expect from each volume and how you can download them as PDF files.

What is Lorayne: The Classic Collection?

Lorayne: The Classic Collection is a collection of books that reprint and update four of Harry Lorayne's classic works on card magic: Close-Up Card Magic, Personal Secrets, My Favorite Card Tricks, and Deck-Sterity. These books were originally published between 1962 and 1967 and have been out of print for many years. They contain hundreds of effects, sleights, techniques, tips, and presentations that cover every aspect of card magic, from impromptu miracles to elaborate routines. Harry Lorayne has added new material, revisions, corrections, and illustrations to make these books more accessible and relevant for modern audiences. He has also included a bonus book, The Epitome Location, which reveals a brilliant method for locating any card in a shuffled deck under any conditions.

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What can you learn from each volume?

Here is a brief summary of what each volume of Lorayne: The Classic Collection offers:

  • Volume 1: This volume reprints Close-Up Card Magic, which was Harry Lorayne's first book on card magic. It contains 70 effects that range from easy to advanced, including classics like Out of This Universe, Lazy Man's Card Trick, Halo Cut, Interlaced Vanish, and more. It also reprints Personal Secrets, which contains 15 effects that Harry Lorayne used in his professional performances, such as The Ultra Move, The Ribbon Spread Palm, The Challenge Aces, and more. It also includes The Epitome Location, which is a masterpiece of card location that can be done with any deck at any time.

  • Volume 2: This volume reprints My Favorite Card Tricks, which contains 67 effects that Harry Lorayne considered his favorites at the time of writing. It includes gems like The Poker Deal, The Status Quo Shuffle, The Ambitious Card Routine, The Magic Jacks, and more. It also reprints Deck-Sterity, which contains 65 effects that use special decks or gimmicks, such as the Stripper Deck, the Svengali Deck, the Invisible Deck, the Brainwave Deck, and more.

  • Volume 3: This volume reprints Reputation-Makers, which contains 66 effects that Harry Lorayne used to establish his reputation as a card magician. It features stunning effects like The Sting (a poker deal with a surprise ending), The Indicator (a mind-reading effect with a borrowed deck), The Great Divide (a visual splitting of a deck into four piles), and more. It also reprints Rim Shots, which contains 66 effects that Harry Lorayne considered his "offbeat" or "oddball" creations. It includes quirky effects like The Card in the Wallet (a card appears in your wallet without you touching it), The Card on the Ceiling (a card sticks to the ceiling without any adhesive), The Card on the Forehead (a card appears on your forehead without you knowing it), and more.

  • Volume 4: This volume reprints Afterthoughts, which contains 67 effects that Harry Lorayne created after publishing his previous books. It contains some of his most innovative and original effects, such as The Phantom Cut (a false cut that looks real), The Ultra Super Force (a force that works with any number of cards), The Impossible Revelation (a revelation that defies logic), and more. It also reprints Star Quality: The Magic of David Regal, which contains 66 effects by David Regal, one of Harry Lorayne's protégés and friends. It features powerful effects like All Strung Out (a string penetrates a borrowed ring), Pasteboard Massacre (a card is torn and restored in a gruesome way), Red Streamlined Convertible (a color-changing deck routine), and more.

  • Volume 5: This volume reprints Best Of Friends Volume I & II , which contain 120 effects by Harry Lorayne and his friends in magic. It includes contributions from Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings, Ed Marlo, Paul Harris, Michael Ammar, Martin Nash, Richard Kaufman, Ken Krenzel, Derek Dingle, Herb Zarrow, Alex Elmsley, and many more. It features amazing effects like Vernon's Variant (a four-ace assembly by Dai Vernon), The Homing Card (a card travels from the deck to your pocket several times by Larry Jennings), The Cardician's Dream (a card is found in a surprising way by Ed Marlo), The Ultimate Rip-off (a card is torn and restored in a flash by Paul Harris), and more.

How can you download Lorayne: The Classic Collection as PDF files?

If you want to download Lorayne: The Classic Collection as PDF files, you have two options:

  • You can buy the PDF versions from the Conjuring Arts Research Center, which is the exclusive retailer of these digital formats. You can find the links to each volume below:

  • [Volume 1]

[Volume 2](

[Volume 3](

[Volume 4](

[Volume 5](

  • You can download the PDF files for free from the Internet Archive, which is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, music, and more. You can find the links to each volume below:

  • [Volume 1]

[Volume 2](

[Volume 3](

[Volume 4](

[Volume 5](

Whichever option you choose, you will get access to some of the finest card magic ever created by Harry Lorayne and his friends. You will learn from the master himself and improve your skills, knowledge, and repertoire. You will also enjoy reading his entertaining and informative writing style, which makes learning fun and easy. Lorayne: The Classic Collection is a treasure trove of card magic that you will cherish for years to come. What are some reviews and testimonials of Lorayne: The Classic Collection?

Lorayne: The Classic Collection has received rave reviews and testimonials from many magicians and enthusiasts who have read and used the books. Here are some of the comments that have been made about the series:

  • "Harry Lorayne is one of the most prolific and influential card magicians of all time. His books are classics that every serious card worker should own and study. Lorayne: The Classic Collection is a must-have for anyone who loves card magic." - David Blaine, world-famous magician and endurance artist.

  • "Lorayne: The Classic Collection is a treasure trove of card magic that will enrich your repertoire and inspire your creativity. Harry Lorayne has updated and improved his timeless effects and routines, making them more accessible and practical for modern audiences. You will learn from the master himself and his friends, who are some of the best card magicians in history. This is a series that you will refer to again and again." - Michael Ammar, award-winning magician and lecturer.

  • "Lorayne: The Classic Collection is a monumental work that showcases the genius and versatility of Harry Lorayne. His books are not only full of amazing card magic, but also full of his personality, humor, and wisdom. He teaches you not only how to do the tricks, but also how to present them, how to think about them, and how to make them your own. He also shares his insights and anecdotes from his long and illustrious career in magic. This is a series that you will enjoy reading as much as you will enjoy performing." - Richard Kaufman, editor of Genii Magazine and author of many magic books.

These are just some of the many positive feedbacks that Lorayne: The Classic Collection has received from its readers. You can find more reviews and testimonials on the websites where you can buy or download the books . You can also watch some video reviews and demonstrations of some of the effects on YouTube. How can you use Lorayne: The Classic Collection to improve your card magic skills?

Lorayne: The Classic Collection is not only a collection of books, but also a collection of lessons. Harry Lorayne teaches you not only the mechanics of the tricks, but also the principles, the psychology, the timing, the misdirection, and the presentation. He shows you how to adapt and modify the effects to suit your style, your audience, and your situation. He also gives you tips and advice on how to practice, how to perform, and how to overcome challenges and difficulties. By reading and studying these books, you will learn from one of the greatest card magicians of all time and improve your card magic skills in many ways.

Here are some of the benefits that you can gain from using Lorayne: The Classic Collection as a learning resource:

  • You will expand your repertoire: With over 500 effects and routines to choose from, you will never run out of material to perform. You will have something for every occasion, every mood, and every preference. You will be able to entertain and amaze any audience, from children to adults, from laymen to magicians, from casual to formal.

  • You will master the fundamentals: Harry Lorayne covers all the essential sleights, techniques, and methods that every card magician should know. He explains them clearly and thoroughly, with diagrams and illustrations to help you understand them better. He also teaches you how to execute them smoothly and naturally, without arousing suspicion or detection.

You will develop your creativity: Harry Lorayne encourages you to experiment and improvise with the effects and routines that he teaches. He shows you how to change the cards, the props, the plots, the endings, and the presentations to create your own variations and co


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