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The Karaoke

  • The Karaoke is a horror game created by Chilla's Art. You play as Mira, a girl in the high school basketball team, and one late night, you and your friend Moeka practice some shots before being told by the coach it's past the school's closing time. You decide to go to the local karaoke place that's open 24 hours a day to have some fun with Moeka, but Moeka left her keys at the school and goes back for them, telling you to go ahead. As you head towards the karaoke place, Moeka texts you that she got stopped by the coach and won't be able to make it, promising to catch up with you later. As you sing your heart out, you can't help but wonder what exactly happened to Moeka...The Karaoke contains examples of: Apathetic Clerk: The receptionist of the karaoke place is rather apathetic and rude, and acts all pissy when Mira enters the staff room to rightfully complain about her order. It still doesn't justify the heavy implication that she gets murdered by the coach when he hunts Mira down.

  • Asshole Victim: The Stab ending has Mira kill the coach by stabbing him from behind, putting an end to the string of rapes he's committed.

  • The Bad Guy Wins: The 'Not Caught' and 'Victim' Endings see the Coach get away with his crimes without being punished and by the end he's made either Moeka or Mira his latest victim. Even the Karaoke ending is a victory for him, as even if neither of them are endangered that night, it means his hidden camera is never discovered and he's still free to make more victims later.

  • Humans Are Bastards: The coach is an entirely human threat and is one of the more horrifically evil villains in a Chilla's Art game.

  • Irony: For a game called The Karaoke, choosing not to go to the titular place is how you obtain the game's Golden Ending.

  • Multiple Endings: The game has six endings. Ending 1 - Stab: Moeka calls Mira in a panic, saying that the coach is heading towards the karaoke place and coming for her, forcing Mira to hide from him. If Mira finds the knife, she manages to sneak up behind the coach and stab him in the back. He dies in the hospital, and Mira is not charged due to only attacking him in self-defense. The series of rapes comes to an end, but Moeka is still a rape victim and Mira suffers PTSD from having killed someone, and has hallucinations of the coach still stalking her.

  • Ending 2 - Survive: Mira manages to evade the coach in the karaoke place long enough for the police to arrive and arrest him. The coach's crimes are exposed to the school, but Moeka is still reeling at the trauma of what happened to her and refuses to go near a man.

  • Ending 3 - Caught: Mira decides not to join Moeka in practicing free throws at the start of the game and goes to the locker room to change before the coach shows up. In the locker room however, she notices a camera hidden under one of the benches, before the coach suddenly enters the room. If Mira chooses to inform him about the camera, he takes it and claims he will report it to the school, offering her a ride home. If Mira checks the glove compartment in his car, she discovers a folder containing photos of all the girls changing to her horror, and immediately runs off to the police while being pursued by the coach. She successfully reports it, and the coach is caught. The school hires a counselor to talk to those affected, with Mira wishing something like this never happens ever again.

  • Ending 4 - Not Caught: Branching off from Ending 3's route, if Mira chooses not to inform the coach about the camera, he doesn't offer her a ride home, claiming he still has things to do. Mira continues to take the camera to the police while still being chased by the coach. But when she hands it in, the police cannot find any link that connects the coach to the photos taken. All the while, Moeka had sent a lot of texts to Mira, which went unanswered due to the investigation at the time, all but outright stating that Moeka was raped, culminating in her committing suicide. Meanwhile, the coach continues to remain at large.

  • Ending 5 - Victim: If Mira does not investigate the coach's glove compartment and waits for him to arrive, the coach does not drive Mira home and rapes her.

  • Ending 6 - Karaoke: Mira manages to find Moeka's keys and hands it back to her, ensuring she doesn't have to go back to the school. The two girls have a wonderful time singing in the karaoke place and go home just fine.

  • Not Quite the Right Thing: It may seem like not telling the coach about the camera is the smarter choice, as it shows that Mira is rightfully suspicious of him and simply wants to get the camera to the police as soon as possible. However the camera ends up not having enough evidence to prove he's responsible and it actually leads to one of the worst endings with the Coach being unpunished, still getting to Moeka and causing her to commit suicide from the trauma. The correct thing involves telling him and getting in his car to find the files there, but puts Mira at risk instead of Moeka.

  • Red Herring: As you sing in the karaoke, a creepy guy suddenly barges into your room and leaves just as quickly. He also leaves his email address with the order of fries that you never actually ordered. While he is creepy and is heavily implied to have drugged Mira, he ultimately doesn't do anything beyond that, with the coach being the real threat.

  • Mira at one point sees Moeka take on a more disturbing appearance, crying Tears of Blood and asking her why she didn't come and save her, before lunging at Mira. There are no supernatural threats in this game, the main threat being entirely human.

  • Timed Boss: When the coach invades the karaoke place, Mira has to escape his grasp for 4 minutes until the police arrive. Alternatively, she can grab a knife and kill the bastard.

  • Too Dumb to Live: While at the karaoke bar, Mira doesn't quite react to the large creepy guy who keeps barging into her room. She also assumes the drink that suddenly showed up on her table is one she already got despite having just left to go get one, so she drinks that one first instead of the one she had in her hand when she got back, and ends up getting drugged. She also completely disregards Moeka's frantic calls to keep singing (while she states that she didn't hear what Moeka was saying, it oddly raised no red flags for her) and later eats the food the same creepy guy left for her despite it not being the food she ordered. Luckily, the stalker isn't the main threat, and she wisens up in time once the real threat (the coach) shows up, calling the cops immediately and planning to hide until they get there.

The Karaoke


The Karaoke is a psychological horror game set in a 24-hour karaoke parlor in Japan. The protagonist of the game is a high school girl who comes alone to the parlor to perform some karaoke. While the story details are still unknown, the character will likely find herself caught up in some sort of incident at the karaoke parlor. In the screenshots posted on the Steam store page, we can see the inside of the parlor and the backdrop of a town at night with no signs of other people.

The Karaoke is a recently released horror game from Chilla's Art. It follows two high school girls who find themselves dealing with an archetypical creepy gym coach on their karaoke night. The game is in Japanese with English subtitles. The game has 6 different endings' all of which I will cover.

The unnamed school gym coach. The game begins with the protagonist Mira and her friend, Moeka, practicing basketball. The coach come in to tell them it's closing time, so the girls prepare to go and enjoy their karaoke night. After Mira finishes changing in the girl's locker room, Moeka realizes she left her bike key back at the school, telling Mira to go on without her, saying she will catch up. Once Mira arrives at the karaoke building, she starts getting distressed calls from Moeka. Eventually, Mira takes a nap. When Mira awakens, she checks a message from Moeka, informing Mira that the coach accosted her when she went back for her key, and has been holding her hostage at the school. He caught Moeka sending message to Mira and left to go to the karaoke building and kidnap Mira to eliminate her as a witness. Mira tries to warn the staff of the building, but she finds them gone. The power goes out, and it's revealed that the coach already arrived and cut the power (and possibly did something to the staff). Mira has to hide in the building and last until the police arrive after she calls them. If she lasts long enough, the police arrest the coach. It is revealed that he had raped more than 10 students. Moeka is rescued, but the girls are left traumatized.

The coach had raped more than 10 high school girls, making him a serial rapist ephebophile. He has been recording the female students undress. He captures Moeka and attempts to rape her in two of the endings. In these two endings, he eventually goes to the karaoke place to capture Mira to rape and/or kill her to eliminate her as a witness. In one ending, he is implied to drive Moeka to suicide. In two of the endings, he chases after Mira to try and capture her when she finds his camera or folder. Finally, in the wort ending, he rapes Mira offscreen. As a serial rapist ephebophile with plenty of onscreen evidence of his crimes and no competition, he easily passes.

The work is not tasteless. None of the coach's sexual crimes happen onscreen, though we get plenty of onscreen evidence in the form of the camera, folder, the messages, and the effects he has on Moeka and Mira. Nothing explicit is ever shown onscreen, though it's very obvious what's going on. The coach is defeated in three of the 6 endings, one ending has the girls simply enjoying a night of karaoke, and the best ending has neither girl traumatized while he is still defeated. 041b061a72


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