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Rhonda Wallace

Before You Exit - Same Sun (Audio)

Connor McDonough and Braiden Wood first met through their church youth group. Wood proposed the idea of starting a band, and introduced McDonough to Thomas Silvers, the three of them joining together to form the band. They added a fourth member who did not remain a part of the band. Riley then joined the band as the permanent fourth member. The band's original name was 'soulbinder39.'[3] Wood's mother coined the name 'Before You Exit,'[4] initially stylized in the form of texting lingo as 'B4UXIT'[5] and later changed to the full grammatically correct spelling. Their name eventually became short for the band's motto, make a difference before you exit, which developed afterward.

Before You Exit - Same Sun (Audio)

To prevent a last-minute lane change, check the destination and exit signs, and get into the correct lane for your exit ahead of time. Make sure to signal your exit at least 100 feet (30 m) before you reach the exit ramp. When you are on the exit ramp, decrease your speed. There is often a lower speed limit for the ramp.

Make sure your vehicle has good snow tires. Put them on the vehicle before the first storm. Never combine radial and non-radial tires on the same vehicle. Tires with metal studs can be used in New York State only from October 16 through April 30.

A Stop Sign is red with white letters and has eight sides (octagon). When coming to one, stop before the crosswalk or stop line and do not cross it. If there is no crosswalk or stop line, stop at the point nearest the intersection to enable you to see approaching traffic on the intersecting roadway. The stop must be made before any portion of your vehicle has entered the intersection. If it is a four-way stop, wait your turn. In any case you must wait until a safe interval occurs before moving. Pedestrians have the right of way. A Yield Sign is a triangle. It is red and white (some old signs may still be yellow with black letters). It means you should slow down to wait for traffic to clear on the road you are entering or crossing. Give the right- of-way to all vehicles and pedestrians. Rectangular white signs with red or black letters contain information about traffic regulations. You may find red with white signs at exit ramps and the beginning of one-way streets. They tell you:

Other drivers expect you to keep driving in the same direction. If you are going to change direction, let them know by signaling with the directional lights, or by hand. It gives them time to react. Always signal before you:

Get into the right hand lane well before reaching the exit. Don't slow down on the main expressway, rather, start slowing down as soon as you enter the deceleration lane and continue slowing at the beginning of the exit ramp. Slow down to the posted speed on the ramp or you may have difficulty getting around sharp curves. 041b061a72


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