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Kirill Petrov
Kirill Petrov

Play FRAG Pro Shooter on PC with Windows 7: The Ultimate Action Game

Prepare to experience one of the best first-shooter games in years. Take control of your favorite character in FRAG Pro Shooter! Switch quickly between characters and collect the most frags as you possibly can in short real-time battles.

Imagine you clean up your computer by deleting five GB of data from your hard disk, leaving a five-GB gap in the middle of space otherwise occupied by Windows, your applications, and data files. The next day, you download the next hot game, which may be about 20 GB. Your hard disk stores the first five GB of the game in that gap you recently freed up, and it breaks up the remaining 15 GBs into fragments and stores them into other free spaces or slots them at the end of the occupied disk space.

frag pro shooter download for windows 7


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