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Eminem - Shake That Ft. Nate Dogg [HQ]

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Eminem - Shake That Ft. Nate Dogg [HQ]

AllMusic wrote a mixed opinion: "sex song that finds Shady sounding as if he's drifting along in his own orbit. "Shake That" has an incongruous Nate Dogg crooning the chorus."[4] Pitchfork thinks that this song is just another "lesser version of Eminem songs that already piss me (critic) off."[5] IGN called it a "rump mover" and wrote a positive review: "a booty shaker, again showing promise in Em's production. It's still a pretty simple bump-n-shuffle number, but it swings with a sense of upbeat minimalism and takes his trademark dark sounds into a slightly lighter venue."[6] Sputnik Music wasn't satisfied: "Shake That features Nate Dogg, and is the quintessential club banger". Rolling Stone called this song a "Nate Dogg throwaway".[7] 781b155fdc


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