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Dörd2Sıfır - Həyat (Official Music Video) - A catchy and upbeat song about life by Dörd2Sıfır

Dörd2Sıfır: The Rising Stars of Azerbaijani Rap

If you are a fan of rap music, you might have heard of Dörd2Sıfır, a rap group from Azerbaijan that has been making waves in the regional and international scene. Dörd2Sıfır, which means "four to zero" in Azerbaijani, is composed of four talented rappers: Epi, Dadash, FtB, and RZZA. They have been releasing catchy, witty, and provocative songs that have earned them millions of views, likes, and followers on YouTube and social media. They have also collaborated with some of the biggest names in Turkish rap, such as Ceza, Sagopa Kajmer, and Patron. But who are Dörd2Sıfır and how did they become so popular? In this article, we will explore the history, music, and achievements of this rap group that is taking Azerbaijan and the world by storm.


What is Dörd2Sıfır and how did they start?

Dörd2Sıfır is a rap group that was formed in 2019 in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. The four members of the group are Epi (Emin Barhom), Dadash (Dadash Nuriyev), FtB (Farid Tagiyev), and RZZA (Rza Mammadov). They all share a passion for rap music and a desire to express themselves through their lyrics.

The meaning of the name and the members of the group

The name Dörd2Sıfır comes from the idea that the group is composed of four rappers who can beat any opponent with a score of four to zero. It also reflects their confidence, ambition, and competitiveness. Each member of the group has a unique personality, style, and role. Epi is the leader and the main songwriter. He is known for his clever wordplay, fast flow, and charismatic voice. Dadash is the oldest and the most experienced. He is known for his deep voice, aggressive delivery, and streetwise attitude. FtB is the youngest and the most versatile. He is known for his melodic hooks, smooth vocals, and diverse influences. RZZA is the newest and the most mysterious. He is known for his dark humor, sharp tongue, and mysterious persona.

The influence of Turkish rap and the collaboration with Ceza

One of the main influences of Dörd2Sıfır is Turkish rap, which is very popular in Azerbaijan due to the linguistic and cultural similarities between the two countries. Dörd2Sıfır admires many Turkish rappers, such as Ceza, Sagopa Kajmer, Patron, Ezhel, Khontkar, Ben Fero, Norm Ender, Gazapizm, Contra, Anıl Piyancı, Şanışer, Allame, Server Uraz, Fuat Ergin, Mode XL, Sansar Salvo, and many others. They have also collaborated with some of them on various songs. One of their most notable collaborations was with Ceza, one of the pioneers and legends of Turkish rap. Ceza featured on their song "Bezd The challenges and controversies they faced

Despite their popularity and success, Dörd2Sıfır also faced some challenges and controversies along their journey. One of the main challenges was the lack of support and recognition from the mainstream media and the music industry in Azerbaijan. Dörd2Sıfır had to rely on their own resources and platforms to produce and distribute their music. They also had to deal with some negative feedback and criticism from some conservative and nationalist segments of the society, who accused them of being disrespectful, immoral, or unpatriotic. Dörd2Sıfır responded to these accusations by defending their artistic freedom, expressing their opinions, and challenging the status quo.

What are the main themes and styles of Dörd2Sıfır's music?

Dörd2Sıfır's music is characterized by its diversity, creativity, and originality. They cover a wide range of topics, from personal stories and experiences to social issues and current events. They also experiment with different genres, languages, and sounds, creating a unique and distinctive musical identity.

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The use of humor, irony, and sarcasm

One of the most noticeable features of Dörd2Sıfır's music is their use of humor, irony, and sarcasm. They often make fun of themselves, their rivals, or the society in general, using witty punchlines, clever metaphors, and hilarious references. They also use irony and sarcasm to expose the contradictions, hypocrisy, or absurdity of some situations or people. For example, in their song "Dünya", they mock the superficiality and materialism of the modern world, using ironic phrases like "Dünya güzel bir yer" (The world is a beautiful place) or "Herkes çok mutlu" (Everyone is very happy).

The social criticism and political commentary

Another prominent aspect of Dörd2Sıfır's music is their social criticism and political commentary. They often address some of the problems and challenges that affect their country or the region, such as corruption, poverty, injustice, violence, censorship, discrimination, or oppression. They also express their views and opinions on some of the historical or contemporary events or conflicts that involve Azerbaijan or its neighbors, such as the Nagorno-Karabakh War, the Turkish-Armenian relations, or the Iranian influence. They do not shy away from speaking their mind or taking a stand on these issues, even if it means being controversial or unpopular. For example, in their song "Qarabağ", they celebrate the victory of Azerbaijan in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War, praising the Azerbaijani army and criticizing the Armenian side.

The experimentation with different genres and languages

A third characteristic of Dörd2Sıfır's music is their experimentation with different genres and languages. They do not limit themselves to one style or sound, but rather explore various musical influences and elements. They mix rap with rock, pop, folk, electronic, or classical music, creating diverse and dynamic songs. They also use different languages in their lyrics, such as Azerbaijani, Turkish, English, Russian, Persian, Arabic, or French. They do this to show their linguistic skills, cultural diversity, or artistic expression. For example, in their song "Baku", they rap in four languages: Azerbaijani, Turkish, English, and Russian.

How did Dörd2Sıfır achieve popularity and recognition?

Dörd2Sıfır's popularity and recognition can be attributed to several factors: their viral success on YouTube and social media; their support from their fans and the rap community; and their awards and nominations.

The viral success of their songs on YouTube and social media

One of the main factors that contributed to Dörd2Sıfır's popularity was their viral success on YouTube and social media. Their songs quickly gained millions of views, likes, and comments on YouTube, as well as thousands of followers and shares on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Their songs also became trending topics and hashtags on these platforms, generating a lot of buzz and attention. Some of their most popular songs include "Bezd", "Dünya", "Qarabağ", "Baku", and "Yanlış Yol".

The support from their fans and the rap community

Another factor that helped Dörd2Sıfır achieve popularity was the support from their fans and the rap community. Their fans, who call themselves "Dördlü", are very loyal and enthusiastic. They support and promote their music by streaming and downloading their songs, buying their merchandise, attending their concerts, and spreading the word about them. They also interact with them on social media, sending them messages, comments, or fan art. The rap community, both in Azerbaijan and abroad, also showed their support and respect for Dörd2Sıfır. Many rap artists, producers, and media outlets praised their music, invited them to collaborate, or featured them on their platforms. Some of the rap figures who endorsed or worked with Dörd2Sıfır include Ceza, Sagopa Kajmer, Patron, Ezhel, Khontkar, Ben Fero, Norm Ender, Gazapizm, Contra, Anıl Piyancı, Şanışer, Allame, Server Uraz, Fuat Ergin, Mode XL, Sansar Salvo, and many others.

The awards and nominations they received

A third factor that boosted Dörd2Sıfır's popularity was the awards and nominations they received. They won several awards and accolades for their music and performance, such as the Best Rap Group Award at the 2020 Azerbaijan Music Awards, the Best Rap Song Award for "Bezd" at the 2021 Azerbaijan Music Awards, the Best Rap Album Award for "Dörd2Sıfır" at the 2021 Azerbaijan Music Awards, the Best Rap Video Aw


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