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Rhonda Wallace
Rhonda Wallace

High School Dreams Best Friends Forever Free Download [UPD]l

The game starts with you creating your character and it is very impressive just how much freedom High School Dreams gives you when it comes to creating your character. You do this in a vanity mirror type setting and it is pretty cool. It is like you are getting all dressed up before your first day of high school. The game is your typical high school style of story and it does have a lot of charm to it so I can see why some people would love it!

High School Dreams Best Friends Forever Free Downloadl

That is a very 80s reference, but I do think that it is very fitting when talking about High School Dreams. You see the real goal here is to make friends and date one of six cute guys. The lineup of guys that are fighting for your attention pretty much fits every high school stereotype you could imagine ranging from the hottie, the jock to the cute but nerdy guy. Getting to know people, making friends, and finding love are really what this game is all about. It is kind of like a high school centric version of The Sims.


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