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Danny, a member of the working class, is angry and frustrated at the rough deal he faces. When he confronts Conrad, a member of today's privileged elite, he aims to teach him and his kind a lesson they will never forget. Holding Conrad and his family hostage, Danny and his pals force Conrad into a deadly game of chance. Danny's master plan is to kick-start a revolution by streaming attacks against the super-rich one percent on the web. His ultimate goal To terrify the elite into bringing about change. Danny's cohorts, however, have other ideas........So forgive me if i'm wrong then, Danny has it against the elite because he never really achieved anything at school Never had any ambition Is it the elites fault that he most probably sat on his backside all day watching mind numbing TV and propaganda on social network sites before the pub openedGive me a break Mr. Film maker. The writer of this filth certainly has a chip on their shoulder about something, whether it be the impending change the UK is facing, or other political propaganda, the film does nothing more than to titillate people who have been given a 'raw deal' with life.It's not a rich persons fault, no matter how many flashy edits and flashbacks you can put in a film. Life can be hard sometimes, but why should you pick on the rich Envy is a cardinal sin, and making the rich suffer for your hardship just makes you look like the desperate fool you are.There's no subliminal message here about government revelations, it's just a piece of trash like The Sun newspaper to give the loud wideboys down the pub something to talk about other than football and women to make them believe they have a bit of yourself a favour mate, avoid this pap, it'll just make you more angry at a world that you have no right to be angry with in the first place.One of the most offensive pieces of 'film' I have ever seen.Next time, have some salt for that chip, and then go and get some humble pie. 1e1e36bf2d


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