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Where Can I Buy Butter London Nail Polish

We promise to deliver fun, imaginative nail and beauty products wrapped in decadent formulas with skin-loving benefits. From everyday makeup, to skincare-infused nail polish and nail treatments that easily fit into your on-the-go lifestyle, our good-for-you beauty and nail care products will leave you with the perfect balance of posh and playful from your fingers to your toes.

where can i buy butter london nail polish

For the best manicure results, always start with butter LONDON Nail Scrubbers to prep the nail. Then apply Horse Power Nail Rescue Basecoat, that helps strengthen, restore and fortify weak, brittle nails, or Nail Foundation Priming Basecoat, the nude smoothing and ridge-filling basecoat, to prime nails for polish and prevent staining. Then apply two coats of your favorite butter LONDON nail polish. Next apply one coat of Hardwear Shine UV Topcoat to give your nails that ultra-glossy finish. Now it is time for the Quick Dry Drops! Let your manicure dry for one to two minutes. Dispense one to two drops in the center of the nail and ensure that it fully coats. Allow time to evaporate; no need to rinse.

I usually stick to Essie nail polishes. I like the way they go on and the colors are just fabulous. However the first time I saw Butter of London I drooled when I saw the deep amazing colors. But one bottle is $14.99 at Ulta. There is no way I can pay almost $15 for one bottle of nail polish unless it comes with someone to paint my nails for me and do my laundry. Last week Ulta put Butter London on sale for buy one bottle and get one free. That makes each bottle a little over $7, which is the same I pay for Essie brand polish. Finally I felt like I was getting a good deal and headed off to buy the polish.

However I can not say the same for the Biscuit Disco color. It is the nail polish that has glitter and sparkles in the bottle. The coverage was horrible, the paint blotchy and did not go on even. There were noticeable globs of paint hanging onto the brush. Plus when you put it on your nails and it dried, it lost most of the sparkle and left your nails with a sandpaper texture.

I really disliked their glittery style nail polish. Actually I thought of returning it because I disliked it that much but my kids would have killed me. I kept it just for them to paint their nails. I cannot recommend this style from Butter of London.

I NEVER buy the more expensive brand nail polishes but was taken with a beautiful shade that Butter offered. I do not like the quality at all. It chipped off fairly quickly and I will not buy it again.

Beauty brand butter LONDON is recognized around the world for superb, unexpected color and long-lasting, high-performing products. That's why you need this fabulous nail lacquer for a glossy, festive-inspired and eye-catching manicure.

Peeling off a layer of clothing can be sexy. Tugging at a dried, gummy face mask can lead to fewer blackheads. Picking off your nail polish? Yeah, there's nothing good on the other end of that sentence.

My name is Kelly and I'm an SF/Bay Area native and proud owner of 2 cats and a dog. Vampy Varnish started in 2008 as one of the very first nail blogs. It then morphed into a nail polish and makeup blog. Now we are back to mostly nail polish and Vampy Varnish is the longest running active nail polish blog in the US!

These gorgeous polishes comes in rectangular shaped glass bottles which have a square black color outer cap and a ridged cylindrical inner cap with a regular brush. I say regular brush because it is thin and normal as every other nail polish does have.

To choose the best pregnancy-safe nail polish, we looked for brands that were at minimum 5-free to ensure they had few potentially irritating or harmful ingredients. They also had to be highly rated by the What to Expect community and shoppers, and receive positive reviews about the color, ease of application and longevity.

Olive & June nail polish is 7-free, as well as vegan and cruelty-free, making it an appealing choice for moms looking to avoid potentially harmful ingredients. But unlike other vegan beauty products, which can be hit or miss, these polishes apply beautifully and look gorgeous. You can also find them in over 100 shades to match your mood (or outfit).

The Downton Abbey Butter London nail polish set is actually a really good deal. As the mini nail polishes are $12 each versus the set which is $39. Meaning a saving of $33 if you were going to buy all of the minis individually.

butter LONDON polishes are formulated with clean, good-for-your-nail components and skin-nourishing formulae to help produce a fade resistant, chip-resistant manicure. You can wear them without issues for up to 10 days when you mix them with quality nail care products.

We don't know if Kate Middleton is having a boy or girl, but if it's the latter, she'll leave the womb with a nail polish that's been created especially for her. Lucky baby! U.K. brand Butter has created an opaque aubergine shimmer called Pitter Patter, which refers to an old colloquialism often used as a nudge by aging moms, hoping for new grandbabies. "Will we hear the pitter-patter of little feet soon?"

Foolproof Fingertips. "Cuticle oil is an absolute must backstage," says Hughes, who relies on it to keep the nail bed healthy and speed the drying process. After painting your nails and applying a topcoat, drop a dollop on each nail. "It takes the tackiness away," she says, "so if you touch anything by accident, it won't dent your polish.

The story is similar in mass, where declines are affecting almost every nail category, according to data from IRI for the 52-week period ended June 11. Artificial nails and accessories saw an uptick to $203.6 million in sales, up 6.2 percent, and nail polish accessories also saw an uptick, up 2.3 percent to $565,591. But as a category, nail was down 9.9 percent, bringing in $1.36 billion in the mass channels. 041b061a72


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