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App Pier 1.6.2

Expedited Arrival is part of the mobile check-in process, and once guests complete their mobile check-in in full, they may qualify for expedited arrival. When the guest arrives to the pier with their digital Set Sail Pass, they can go into the Expedited Arrival line. This means these guests can bypass the traditional check-in line and instead check-in very quickly via the mobile station. Royal Caribbean hopes this will mean getting from curbside to onboard the ship in a matter of minutes. Expedited Arrival is currently available on Allure of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas, and will roll out to other ships in the future.

App Pier 1.6.2

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Royal Caribbean has released version 1.6.2 of its new official Royal Caribbean International app, which locks down the app to select ships, introduces a login feature, and opens the app up a bit more to two ships.

I'll admit that I'm new to guiding, but this seems like a bug or interaction between settings on my ASIAIR Pro and Advanced VX mount. If I calibrate guiding facing East, guiding works fine facing East. Likewise, if I calibrate facing West, guiding works fine facing West. With flip enabled in the guiding menu, RA tracks appropriately following a flip, but DEC moves in the opposite direction of the commands. I'm running app version 1.6.2, and the ASIAIR Pro is running version 8.1.1 (both latest I think). My mount is a Celestron Advanced VX with the latest firmware, and I'm connected via the hand controller USB port.

If you had calibrated the autoguider on one side of the pier, and then execute a meridian flip, you also need to tell the autoguider that the mount is now on the other side of the pier, and therefore need to reverse the declination guide pulses (sending +DEC instead of -DEC, and vice versa).

If you compare the two, you would see that a clockwise RA axis movement will cause the mount to move east on one side of the meridian, and the same clockwise movement will cause the mount to move west on the other side of the pier.

Now, repeat the above for the declination axis. Again, ignore the arrow buttons, and just look at whether the declination axis has rotated clockwise or counter clockwise to move north or south. If there is a reversal, you mount reverses both motors after a pier flip. If there is no reversal, your mount is like the majority of mounts, and don't require a declination "flip" after a Meridian Flip. This could be useful information when you contact ZWO.

Typically, an equatorial mount in the Northern hemisphere, when polar aligned, will point to objects East of the polar axis by moving the telescope to the West side of the pier or tripod (counterweights down and to the East). As the object tracks through the night, the point comes where it reaches the Southern Meridian with the telescope now pointing south. The counterweight bar will now be horizontal. Typically, the mount could continue to track as the object moves West by lowering the telescope and raising the counterweights. There will, however, come a point where the telescope or imaging equipment will collide with the tripod or pier. How far past the Meridian the scope could track before colliding will depend on the equipment being used. The way to avoid the collision is to flip the telescope from the West side of the pier over to the East side of the pier, i.e. to perform a MF. Now as the object is tracked further West, the scope will rise and the counterweights fall and there is no danger of the telescope or imaging train colliding with the tripod or pier.

The MF will take the mount some time to complete and will be monitored by EKOS. When the mount completes the slew, it will report side of pier to EKOS. EKOS will use this to determine the success, or otherwise, of the MF.

If the side of pier before the MF is different from the side of pier after the MF then the MF succeeded. If it is the same, then the MF failed. EKOS will wait (for 4mins) and retry. This is done to get around small timing differences between EKOS and the Mount when EKOS starts the MF just past the Meridian, but the Mount does not believe it has crossed the Meridian yet.

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