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Paul Ekman Training Cd Mett Sett E Book

I mentionedbefore reading Blink and becoming fascinated with studying facial emotionwith the FacialAction Coding System (FACS). I'd played with some of the online tools likeArtnatomy, but apparentlyfull FACS training takes 80 hours and requires a bunch of video; you can't learnit from a book since you have to be trained to recognize fleeting subtleexpressions and what they mean.So I ordered a trainingCD from the lab of Paul Ekman, who is one of the researchers whodeveloped FACS and it finally came.Micro Expression Training ToolWhile most facial expressions last for two or three seconds, microexpressions last a fraction of that -- 1/25th of a second. These aresigns of emotions just emerging; emotions expressed before the persondisplaying them knows what he or she is feeling, or emotions the personis trying to conceal. You can learn to spot these micro expressionsand have access to this valuable information.Subtle Expression Training ToolWith SETT -- in under an hour -- you can train yourself to seevery small facial movements that often appear in just one region ofthe face: the brows, eyelids, cheeks, nose or lips. These smallmovements may occur when an emotion begins gradually, when emotionsare repressed or when a person is deliberately trying to eliminateany sign of how he or she is feeling, but a trace still remains.Understanding the code-language of the face seems like a great wayto improve communication, not to mention being able to spot lies,false smiles, contempt, and the like. This seems likeit would be useful in business, relationships, all sorts of situations.I just started working through the exercises on the CD today. We'll see how it goes. Unfortunately this CD isn't full FACS though, I may need to hunt around for additional training materials. Posted on February 12, 2007 5:23 PM Permalink

Paul Ekman Training Cd Mett Sett E Book

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