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Daniel Reiff is an experienced attorney who specializes in various legal domains, notably personal injury and criminal defense. Throughout his two-decade career, he has earned the reputation of one who is fully dedicated to his clients and unsparing in fighting for justice. Born and raised in Minnesota, he showed early signs of academic excellence and professional inclination. After getting his Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from Luther College, he moved on to Hamline University School of Law, where he obtained a Juris Doctor (J.D.). His education formed the solid bedrock for his legal career.

Out of college, Daniel embarked on his legal career, on a mission to be an advocate for his clients. Over time, he has represented myriad individuals, each with a unique legal issue ranging from personal injury claims to high-profile criminal cases. His analytical skills and a compassionate approach, now more than ever, have earned him respect and trust from clients and colleagues alike.

Daniel Reiff is determined to provide services in tune with the changing legal environment so that he may provide his clients with optimum representation. He has always exhibited meticulous skills in terms of detail and strategic management of cases that always gives the best possible results.

Besides, he is very active in community and philanthropic activities that show his commitment to giving back to society.

To learn more about Daniel Reiff and his legal services, go to his profile on Justia:


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