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1688 Buying Agent _HOT_

With so many people entering the e-commerce field, buying from websites other than AliExpress is a top priority. There are many reasons why is a better choice for people to view. There are some reasons below.

1688 buying agent

The process of finding reliable 1688 suppliers is almost the same as that of other e-commerce sites. For drop-ship marketing purposes, find some important factors among the suppliers. Here are the most common criteria.

The supplier with the most numbers in the criteria discussed above will be 1688 of your reliable suppliers. There are some additional standards on 1688 that may be suitable for suppliers that you carry with you. These include:

In this case, the best option will be the fulfillment service provided by supplyia private label dropshipping. To carry out all the challenges of dropshipping in 1688, you can rent the service of Supplyia Dropshipping and bypass all the difficulties of purchasing products from 1688.

The primary purpose of dropshipping from 1688 was to have the same quality and lower prices. Using Supplyia, you can trust our 1688 dropshipping agent service to find cheap Chinese products and immediately start drop ship from China.

You only need to provide detailed information about the products you want to sell. Our promotion includes searching for the best available products at the lowest prices in Following is the benefit through SupplyiaDropshipping:

If you want to buy from 1688 in Nigeria, we recommend using the 1688 agent in China services to bring goods to Nigeria without the problem of custom. The 1688 agent in Nigeria service is very good and the service charges are friendly. If you have a 1688 agent in China, you can avoid getting scams. Next are the 4 steps to buy from from Nigeria.

1688 website is all in Chinese language, none is in the English language. Therefore, you need to download a Google browser(Chrome Web Browser) to make translations from Chinese into the English language

Send your desired product link, size, and color to your 1688 agent. Then, the agent will help you check the quality of the products after receiving the goods. At last, they will bundle all the products ship to you.

A 1688 sourcing agent means adding a transit party between the merchant and the purchaser, so that when the 1688 merchant cannot directly deliver the goods to the purchaser through the existing logistics methods, it can use this 1688 agency to indirectly deliver the goods to the purchaser to ensure the safety of funds.

The best agent to buy on 1688 mainly focus on making available the quality and reliable service at a reasonable cost. They provide you an original service package that includes everything from purchasing on 1688 to product check and from warehouse storage to order consolidation, repacking, and then global shipping.

But, what can be an issue is the cancellation time. It usually takes a few days for suppliers to cancel an order after a purchase failure.You also have the option of getting a refund to your credit card. Here, the money has to be refunded from the supplier to the 1688 platform first, before being sent back to you.

Payment to suppliers in 1688 is slightly different from the process followed by AliExpress. Unlike using a credit card in AliExpress, 1688 provides three payment methods to pay for your direct or wholesale orders. This method is:

If you want to source from in English/English App, navigate to, a message will automatically pop up prompting you to translate the website into English. If not, click the Google Translate Chrome extension icon in your browser window. Make sure to select English. read more from here: How to buy from 1688.

Looking for affordable 1688 agent for shipping wholesale products? Wholesalers on provide a wide range of 1688 agent for economically priced shipping of in bulk stock. When you shop at, you can find freight logistics agents who will help you in every step of your shipping journey. They are there to get you good deals on shipping.

Find freight forwarding agents to help you at every step of the shipping process. Agents will be able to help you decide which mode of transport is the most cost-effective and efficient for your business. They will liaise with organizations to coordinate your shipping through multi-staged processes that are designed for efficiency and smoothness. Find more 1688 agent for wholesale shipping at

In other words, sometimes, the same suppliers you find on Alibaba(Alibaba review) and will offer higher prices for foreign companies. Here is what you can do to make sure you get the lowest price(or cooperate with a 1688 agent).

If you want to directly buy wholesale from 1688 to your country, how do you buy from 1688? Actually, you can apply for 1688 agent service, they can help you find and pay suppliers on 1688, and help you ship from China to your country via international express service.

So, first of all, you need to find a 1688 agent with the product, color, size and quantity and other basic information of your business such as budget price and quality control, samples, payment terms, commission and other things about your business question.

After that, the agent can help you to procure and negotiate with the supplier on 1688 to get feedback on the product and supplier so that you can make a purchasing decision, and then you can pay for the order and the money for shipping from China 1688.

Many Chinese buying agent websites offer buying services from popular Chinese online stores like Taobao,,, etc. All you need to do is submit a product link on their website. They will then help you buy products from 1688 supplier. is a platform that offers a wide range of products of different qualities. First, determine what kind of products you want and then enter the relevant keywords in the search bar of the website.

For example, if I contacted 7 Amazon product suppliers on 1688, six gave me the offer is $15-$1.7, but there is one supplier to my offer is $0.90. such a supplier is very doubtful. Why is everyone charging at $1.5-$1.7 per unit, while this supplier can provide the same product at almost half the price?

If any foreigner decides to buy products from, things may be difficult because this marketplace does not cater to international customers. Here are the top 5 challenges you may face as a foreign user. suppliers work mainly for inland customers, so they do not have export licenses because they do not need them. If you are buying from as a foreign buyer, exporting your products will be a matter of you hiring an export agent.

At the end of the day, is a marketplace for selling products online. As a foreign buyer, it is difficult for you to check the quality of your products in person, so you will not be able to judge the quality of your products through pictures.

Electronic products are a high-risk category on 1688. There are many possible problems with these products. If you are not dealing with a large, well-known manufacturer, you will take a high risk and deal with a large number of defective products.

It is recommended that the first two to three 1688 orders be delivered to our warehouse. Then, we can check each item for defective items, and products without quality issues can be sent to your Amazon FBA warehouse. This can prevent early negative reviews due to quality issues, which will significantly affect product rankings.

Leelinesourcing is your all-in-one sourcing agent from China. We provide UNMATCHED product procurement, supplier verification, and quality control services. Best for FOREIGN business owners aiming to streamline their importation process from China.

Our team offers buy-for-me services. Crafted for businesses that want to buy from Chinese wholesale platforms. Those include 1688, Alibaba, Taobao, and AliExpress. Shipping services. Our negotiating experts get you CHEAPER QUOTATIONS. You break the language barrier with our English-fluent sourcing team.

I tried many 1688 agents in Mainland China. And COMPILED the top 25 companies with proven track records. You always get the BEST products for your business.

Want a spoiler? LeelineSourcing is the KING of this list. This agent has years of experience leveraging better prices with 1688 manufacturers. You source more products while staying within your budget.

You just have to provide your credit card information to the 1688 site. Similar to how you buy goods from any other platform. Just keep in mind that additional fees may INCUR for international transactions.

The cost of hiring a sourcing agent varies depending on several factors. Those include the services they offer. Level of experience and reputation. The last one is the complexity of your required sourcing service.

Here are some of the BEST WAYS to find a China sourcing agent. You go to B2B platforms, trade shows, or online directories. You also use search engines like Google. Or go to Facebook Marketplace and look for posts regarding sourcing agents. And last but not least. You ask for recommendations from other business owners. 041b061a72


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