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In presenting "The opinion and the other opinion" (the station's motto), it did not take long for Al Jazeera to shock local viewers by presenting[when?] Israelis speaking Hebrew on Arab television for the first time.[citation needed] Lively and far-ranging talk shows, particularly a popular, confrontational one called The Opposite Direction, were a constant source of controversy regarding issues of morality and religion. This prompted a torrent of criticism from the conservative voices among the region's press. It also led to official complaints and censures from neighboring governments. Some[who?] jammed Al Jazeera's terrestrial broadcast or expelled its correspondents. In 1999, the Algerian government reportedly cut power to several major cities in order to censor one broadcast.[which?] There were also commercial repercussions: a number of Arab countries[which?] reportedly pressured advertisers to avoid the channel, to great success.[13]

However controversial, Al Jazeera was rapidly becoming one of the most influential news agencies in the whole region. Eager for news beyond the official versions of events, Arabs became dedicated viewers. A 2000 estimate pegged nightly viewership at 35 million, ranking Al Jazeera first in the Arab world, over the Saudi Arabia-sponsored Middle East Broadcasting Centre (MBC) and London's Arab News Network (ANN). There were about 70 satellite or terrestrial channels being broadcast to the Middle East, most of them in Arabic. Al Jazeera launched a free Arabic-language web site in January 2001. In addition, the TV feed was soon available in the United Kingdom for the first time via British Sky Broadcasting.[citation needed]

Before and during the United States-led invasion of Iraq, where Al Jazeera had a presence since 1997, the network's facilities and footage were again highly sought by foreign networks. The channel and its web site also were seeing unprecedented attention from viewers looking for alternatives to embedded reporting and military press conferences.

Al Jazeera moved its sports coverage to a new, separate channel on 1 November 2003, allowing for more news and public affairs programming on the original channel. An English language web site had launched earlier in March 2003. The channel had about 1,300 to 1,400 employees, its newsroom editor told The New York Times. There were 23 bureaux around the world and 70 foreign correspondents, with 450 journalists in all.

At the time of the aforementioned incident in Algeria, Al Jazeera Media Network was not yet generally known in the Western world, but where it was known, opinion was often favorable[79] and Al Jazeera claimed to be the only politically independent television station in the Middle East. However, it was not until late 2001 that Al Jazeera achieved worldwide recognition, when it broadcast video statements by al-Qaeda leaders.[80]

The new English language venture faced considerable regulatory and commercial hurdles in the North America market for its perceived sympathy with extremist causes.[91][92][93] At the same time, others felt Al Jazeera's competitive advantage lay in programming in the Arabic language. There were hundreds of millions of potential viewers among the non-Arabic language speaking Muslims in Europe and Asia, however, and many others who might be interested in seeing news from the Middle East read by local voices. If the venture panned out, it would extend the influence of Al Jazeera, and tiny Qatar, beyond even what had been achieved in the station's first decade. In an interesting twist of fate, the BBC World Service was preparing to launch its own Arabic language station in 2007. Today, evidence of U.S. antipathy at the Arabic network has dissipated significantly, though not entirely, several American analysts said in 2013.[94]

India. On 7 December 2010, Al Jazeera said its English language service has got a downlink license to broadcast in India. Satellite and cable companies would therefore be allowed to broadcast Al Jazeera in the country.[110] The broadcaster will be launched soon on Dish TV, and is considering a Hindi-language channel.[111]

The allegations emerged after veteran broadcaster Kamahl Santamaria abruptly quit his job at New Zealand state broadcaster TVNZ amid harassment complaints, shortly after he moved there from Al Jazeera.

During the 2011 Egyptian protests, on 30 January the Egyptian government ordered the TV channel to close its offices. The next day Egyptian security forces arrested six Al Jazeera journalists for several hours and seized their camera equipment. There were also reports of disruption in Al Jazeera Mubasher's Broadcast to Egypt.[149][150][151] The channel was also criticized for being sympathetic to Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and former IAEA director Mohammed ElBaradei. It was closed for the same reasons in September 2013.[152]Twenty-two members of staff of Al Jazeera's Egyptian bureau announced their resignation on 8 July 2013, citing biased coverage of the ongoing Egyptian power redistribution in favour of the Muslim Brotherhood.[153][154][155] Al Jazeera says that the resignations were due to pressure from the Egyptian military.

Al Jazeera has been criticized over unfair coverage of the Syrian Civil War. The channel's reporting has been described as largely supportive of the rebels, while demonizing the Syrian government. The Lebanese newspaper As-Safir cited outtakes of interviews showing that the channel's staff coached Syrian eyewitnesses and fabricated reports of oppression by Syria's government.[156] In January 2013, a former Al Jazeera employee from Syria stated their belief that there was ongoing strong pressure to conform to biased coverage of the Syrian Civil War.[157][158] However, according to Pew Research Center study, in its coverage of the Syrian crisis, Al Jazeera America cable news channel provided viewers with content that often resembles what Americans saw on other U.S. cable news outlets.[159]

Shariah and Life (al-Sharīʿa wa al-Ḥayāh) is an Al Jazeera Arabic show with an estimated audience of 60 million worldwide and stars Muslim preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is described as "Islam's Spiritual 'Dear Abby'".[177][178] The format of Sharia and Life is similar to that of al-Qaradawi's earlier programing on Qatar TV as well as Egyptian television shows going as far back as the 1960s. Programs interpreting the Quran or dealing with religious issues were popular from Morocco to Saudi Arabia.[179] The now defunct show has been the repeated subject of controversy. In January 2009, Qaradawi stated: "Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by [Adolf] Hitler." In October 2010, Qaradawi was asked if Muslims should acquire nuclear weapons "to terrorize their enemies." Qaradawi said he was pleased Pakistan had such a weapon, that the goal of nuclear weapons would be permissible, and provided religious justification quoting Qur'anic verses urging Muslims "to terrorize thereby the enemy of God and your enemy."[180][181][182]

Steve Kaufman here and today, I'm going to talk about, know, getting into the culture of the language that we are learning. Uh, remember if you like these videos, please subscribe, click on the bell to get notifications and come and join me at LingQ to learn languages. Now, in my last video, I talked about the need to want to sort of penetrate that other cultural world, to not hang back when you're with people from that language group.

But also I think part of that is to want to learn about that language group about their culture, their history, uh, as you may realize, I like learning languages. It's kind of my hobby. There are people who go skiing all the time. I like to ski, but I don't go that often. Uh, people who go fly fishing and I like learning languages.

So when I go after a language, I also buy books. So I finished my 90-Day Challenge in Arabic. Uh, and I did show you some of the books that I had bought for Arabic, but not only did I buy books about the language, you know, uh, Spoken Standard Arabic here, uh, you know, Advanced Media, Arabic, these I'm going to get at these, The Travels of Battuta... they're all too difficult for me, Modern Arabic Short stories.

Well, I'm off Arabic now for the time being, go back to it. It's there. I've got it. It's on the back burner. It's it's somebody... it's like an old friend. I can go back to and renew my relationship whenever I want, but now I've decided to move on to Persian. So, uh, what have I got here? Uh, not only have I got this, I've started reading this History of Iran.

And, and the in fact they were, they got extra pay, like they worked and they got extra pay when they had the, you know, were bearing children and, and this kind of thing, and pay in many cases was extra food and whatever. So it's interesting to explore this. I mean, Persian and, and also to understand that there was this whole world, which if you look at the map, so Persia, Iran, Persia not only was Baghdad and large parts of, sort of.

And so you'd follow then the Persians up North of the Caspian Sea um, East through Afghanistan, where half the population speaks today some form of Persian. Um, and of course the intermingling of Persians with Turkish speakers in central Asia, uh, Persian influence on India. I mean, there's just a whole world there that we're kind of unaware of and, and the same is true 041b061a72


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