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What is Cash Out? 6+ Detailed Pieces of Information about Cash Out

Perhaps, as a player in the betting community, especially for passionate enthusiasts, "cash out" is no longer unfamiliar. However, for new players, it's essential to know the advantages and disadvantages of cashing out, what to consider when cashing out, how the points are calculated, and some tips to help you always win cash outs, which will be clarified in this article.

Introduction: What is Cash Out?

Many people may not know what "cash out" means. Cash Out is one of the fundamental features of online betting offered by various online bookmaker list nowadays. Cash Out allows players to recover a previously placed bet. Players who choose to use this Cash Out feature may receive a corresponding bonus amount or will withdraw a certain percentage of the initial bet, depending on whether the cashing out player is in a winning or losing position before the end of the match.

Cash Out Formula

Cash Out is a relatively new betting feature introduced by football betting sites over the past few years. As a participant, you can completely use the Cash Out feature to receive additional bonus money and withdraw it. However, it is essential to choose the right moment to cash out, as winning or losing may occur. Here's how football Cash Out works:

For example, suppose you participate in a bet on the match between Manchester United and Chelsea. Overall, Chelsea is considered to have the upper hand with a handicap of 0.25 goals. By the 25th minute of the match, Chelsea is leading MU 1-0, and you initially bet on Chelsea. At that moment, your bet is in a winning position, and you choose to cash out. The betting site new will then pay out a certain amount to the player. This amount will be equal to or slightly higher than the initial bet for the player.

However, let's say the match between Chelsea and Manchester United is tied 0-0. If you cash out at this point, it means your bet is a losing bet. By choosing to cash out, you accept the loss of the bet and receive back a certain amount of the initial bet. Even if Chelsea suddenly takes the lead right after you decide to cash out, your bet will still be considered a losing bet.

The outcome depends on whether the cashing out is in a winning or losing position.

The calculation of bonuses and bets when cashing out is similar:

Amount received = ((Initial odds / Cash Out odds) x Initial bet) - Initial bet

Cash Out When the Player Is Winning

Bookmakers will offer a suitable cash out amount, which will be less than the amount the player initially bet. This helps keep the betting within a safe range, avoiding risks. After a successful cash out, the match will continue regardless of whether the result is a win or a loss. The player will only receive the agreed-upon amount at the time of cashing out. If the bookmaker predicts a high chance of winning, they will buy back the player's bet at a price ranging from 80% to 95% of the initial stake, or at a fixed price compared to the initial stake. In this case, if the player wins, only the odds at the time of cashing out are considered.

Cash Out When the Player Is About to Lose

This occurs when the player predicts they will lose the bet. The best option is to cash out to recover a smaller amount compared to the initial bet. Alternatively, if the player realizes that the bet is not going as predicted, cashing out is also advisable. This helps the player preserve some of their money instead of losing the entire initial bet if the actual result of the match is a loss. Similarly, if the prediction is correct, winnings are still calculated based on the cash out odds.

Advantages of Cash Out

Managing one's money from a different perspective, players can change their choices, and control their initial bet amount.

Players do not need to wait until the end of the match to settle the bet; they can cash out immediately to have the opportunity to continue betting on another match.

Minimizing heavy losses, reducing the risk of losing the bet when feeling like being in a losing position, cashing out early preserves a portion of the remaining money.

Disadvantages of Cash Out

Requires players to be flexible and alert in every decision; a poor judgment can lead to some regret, requiring extremely certain, decisive thinking.

If you think the team you bet on will lose, but there are dramatic turnarounds, unexpected situations that occur, and you will lose the amount you would have had.

For those who cannot continuously monitor a match, they may make incorrect judgments and cash out at the wrong time, resulting in unavoidable losses.

Some Considerations about Cash Out

Requires sharp skills and making sound decisions.

Stay calm, confident in analyzing situations to choose the best odds.

Devote a full time to participate in analyzing bets.

Keep track of all developments in the match.

Notice the running odds trends of bookmakers to decide whether to cash out or continue holding.

Factors such as weather conditions, such as intense sunlight, rain, storms, snowfall...


These are some basic pieces of information about what Cash Out is, which every player needs to know. Allowing members to sell their betting slips will ultimately benefit the bookmaker more. However, this feature also helps players like us to salvage some of the capital in cases of previous losses. It requires sharpening one's skills and the ability to make sound decisions or trust one's instincts to effectively exploit the Cash Out feature. win tips bet wishes you good luck and many winning bets when betting on football.


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