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Rhonda Wallace
Rhonda Wallace

[S5E11] The Lodger

A new client's concern for his eccentric lodger turns into an improbable adventure for Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. But improbable does not equal impossible, and the boys of Baker Street get wrapped in the strange events surrounding the odd repairman with the unlikely name. A Chameleon Arch Wholock mashup inspired by a single tweet from Audreyii_fic.

[S5E11] The Lodger

Once she has gone, Craig berates himself for being a coward; he's in love with Sophie but hasn't worked up the courage to tell her. Craig gets himself hyped up, determined to tell Sophie his feelings for her the next time they meet. Hearing the doorbell ring, Craig notices that Sophie forgot her keys to his flat. Picking them up, he rushes to the door, opening it and saying "I love you." However, he then realises it's not Sophie at the door, it's the Doctor, who replies "Oh, that's good to know, cause I'm your new lodger".

The next day, the Doctor showers while Craig impatiently waits in the hallway for his turn; he knocks on the door, asking the Doctor how much longer he will take. The Doctor yells back "Sorry, I enjoy a good soak." Hearing a loud bang from the floor above, Craig goes upstairs to check on the lodger; an old man answers the door, telling Craig that he needs no help, sending him back downstairs. The Doctor realises Craig went to investigate the loud bang and hurries to save him; falling out of the shower, the Doctor scrambles to grab his sonic screwdriver.

With his towel wrapped around him, the Doctor rushes to the hall, pointing the device; however, he discovers that he grabbed Craig's electric toothbrush instead of the sonic screwdriver. Putting the silly moment behind them, the Doctor wonders about the upstairs lodger; Craig explains that nothing was wrong. Craig proceeds back into their flat, while the Doctor heads up the stairs to check for any abnormalities. However, Sophie arrives to see Craig, meeting the Doctor; he greets her, letting Sophie into Craig's flat. Sophie talks to Craig, telling him that he didn't mention that the Doctor was attractive. 041b061a72


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