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Download Film Police Station

If you have been the victim of identity theft, a police report cannot be made online. However, the form below is required to be completed. Please download, print, and complete the form prior to calling the Burbank Police Department.

download film Police Station

The Force also follows the journey of young cops in the Police Academy who are learning how to police in a new era of transparency and accountability. Out on the street, the camera gets up close as rookie and veteran officers alike face an increasingly hostile public where dueling narratives surround each use of force. Under scrutiny as never before, these officers respond to a constant flood of 911 calls, and the film reveals the wide gulf between how cops see themselves and how they are seen by the public.

Police Academy and the subsequent films in the series is a guilty pleasure of mine. The films are puerile, vapid, stupid, gross beyond belief and I laugh my Glutteus Maximus off at them. So apparently did a large part of the American movie going public.The premise for the film is right at the beginning off screen narration where it is explained to the audience that a mayor's executive order in a quaint metropolitan area has said that the police academy will not discriminate on any grounds. Apparently that also includes intelligence as well. So we find that a whole lot of people are now applying to be cops.What a class they are too. They're headed by Steve Guttenberg who is given a choice by another police captain friendly to his late father who is concerned about Guttenberg's lack of direction in life. We've also got Kim Cattrall the rich débutante who's just bored with her life, David Graf who takes the gun/penis dichotomy to the extreme, Bubba Smith the peaceful florist, Bruce Mahler the henpecked husband, and little Marion Ramsey who has voice projection problems and my favorite Michael Winslow the human sound effect machine.Of course we have to have a villain and in this case and in a few subsequent episodes it's G.W. Bailey better known to today's audience as Lieutenant Provenza in Kyra Sedgwick's squad in The Closer. He will stop at nothing to run this group off the police force and they, especially Guttenberg, will stop at nothing to goof on him.Another favorite is George Gaynes the absolutely clueless commandant of the Police Academy. What that man can do with the word 'many.'Confession is good so embrace your inner grossness that allows you to enjoy the Police Academy series.

Anchored by an incredible cast and helmed by Brian De Palma, The Untouchables is one of the most iconic gangster films ever made. Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, and Robert De Niro all turn in incredible performances. The Untouchables is a Prohibition-era crime film that mixes police procedural and thriller to a satisfying degree.

This is an authentic Irish film that portrays authentic Irish crime; such as the crimes of the Catholic church and the corruption of the police. Cahill is a real Irish gangster played by a real Irish actor.

Simply download the free app using the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, open it, and click "Submit a Tip." The Tip411 system strips away any of your personal info, making it impossible for police to track you or find out who submitted certain tips.


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