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Guide to Bet on Running Odds in Football Betting

Online football betting has become an indispensable trend in entertainment, especially with the ongoing major football seasons around the globe. Players cannot overlook betting odds, particularly the Running Odds. To understand more about betting on running odds, read our following article.

What are Running Odds?

Running Odds, also known as running ball odds, are a highly popular type of betting odds. This type of bet attracts hundreds of participants for each match on online betting platforms. It emerges only while the match is in progress, where players predict scores or upcoming scenarios. Due to this characteristic, these odds are favored and utilized extensively.

Players don't need to invest excessive time or a substantial amount of betting money. However, the payout rates for this type of bet are relatively high compared to others. Hence, it's not surprising that this type of odds garners a lot of attention.

Running Odds are also presented by bookmakers as over/under odds or full-match odds. Players still have multiple options based on their suitable capital. For those seeking to recoup their investment through football betting, running odds always stand out as the most reasonable choice. Simply monitor the match, logically anticipate possible scenarios, and swiftly seize the opportunity with oddschecker football tips to place bets—this is the most crucial factor when playing running odds.

Betting Rules

Since it's a type of bet played as the match commences, players might find it a bit puzzling. Yet, in reality, it's straightforward and easy to understand. You can remember the following rules to bet more accurately on running odds:

The betting period spans from the beginning of the match until its conclusion. Even when the ball is still in play on the field, players can participate in the bet.

These odds factor in added time, allowing players to take advantage. Whether it's regular time or extra time, as long as the match is ongoing, the bet counts.

There are various types of running odds: first half, full match, special running odds, corner running odds, extra time running odds. Additionally, there are other types based on the bookmaker's organization.

Regarding running odds, all you need to do is remember the rules concerning time and the categorization of odds.

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Popular Types of Running Bettings

As mentioned, there are currently quite a few favored types of running bets among players. However, we'll only discuss the most popular types of running bets today.

Half-time Running Bet

The half-time running bet occurs during the first half of the match. It's a suitable choice for those who don't have time to watch the entire game. You can bet on the score, total goals, etc., in the first half and get the result immediately after the first half ends.

Similarly, you can bet for the second half if you missed the first. According to betting experts, betting on the first half is more challenging than the second. In the first half, both teams are just starting and haven't fully displayed their capabilities. Bettors find it difficult to grasp crucial aspects for betting in the first half. Hence, players often reserve their bets for the second half. Building on the first-half results helps in better speculation for the second half of the match.

Special Running Bet

A special running bet is one where players wager on the first 15 minutes of the match. Considered a risky bet, the chances of incorrect predictions are high. Within the first 15 minutes, it's hard for players to follow the match's progress. However, it provides an intriguing experience for those who enjoy a challenge.

Corner Running Bet

The corner running bet is considered a subsidiary bet in running ball bets. Nonetheless, it's highly favored by betting enthusiasts for its allure and excitement. With the corner running bet, players predict the number of corner kicks in the match. Depending on the bookmaker, there might be separate corner kick counts for each team, but generally, it's a bet on the total number of corner kicks.

Extra Time Running Bet

The extra time running bet takes place when extra time begins. The betting outcome depends on the total goals of both teams based on the over/under ratio set by the bookmaker. When playing the extra time running bet, only goals scored in extra time are considered. Therefore, the score entering extra time for both teams is 0-0 and is calculated separately from the regular play.

The extra time running bet is seen as relatively easier to win as players typically have more information from football tips website in match. Hence, it's easier to gauge which team is likely to score in extra time. Of course, players should only bet on extra time if they notice a clear difference in the teams' strengths.


These were detailed insights into various running betting methods. Hopefully, it helps you explore this fascinating betting type. The biggest football event, Euro 2024, is approaching, which means the betting market is bustling. Keep an eye on bookmakers to swiftly catch the bets with exceptionally high odds. Don't forget to register an account to fully engage in betting activities at these bookmakers.


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