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Eptar Reinforcement 1.36 for 366: A Powerful Tool for ArchiCAD Users

Eptar Reinforcement 1.36 for 366: A Powerful Tool for ArchiCAD Users

Eptar Reinforcement 1.36 for 366 is a software solution that helps designers to draw documents and lists the necessary reinforcement for their buildings in ArchiCAD. The application provides tools to define all 2D drawings as well as complete 3D models. The solution contains a library of different reinforcement objects and an Add-on. They provide great freedom in defining constructions and also help to specify complex objects.

Eptar Reinforcement also checks the rebar ID numbering and corrects it if necessary. With Reinforcement tool, users can simply calculate the necessary amount of rebars. Iron list is available on the floor plan just as the interactive schedule[^4^].

Eptar Reinforcement 1.36 for 366

Reinforcement Main Features

  • Mesh board designer

  • More exact Cutting list for Mesh and Rebar

  • Some new additional elements

  • Reinforcement of concrete wall edges, by placing shear rebars in corners of openings

  • Reinforcement of concrete slab edges, by placing shear rebars in corners of holes

  • Slab edge reinforcement and wall edge reinforcement listing by components

  • Listing of different length rebars by length

  • Automatic update indicator

  • Automatic reinforcement of straight, slanted and curved walls, slabs and roofs with Mesh and Rebar elements

  • Most used rebar and stirrup forms are preset, but custom polygonal forms can be set too

  • Steel elements can be rotated, thus more difficult constructions (e.g. stairs) can be modeled

  • Complex elements (columns, beams and crownings) can be defined

  • Many view and display options

  • Cutting list generation

  • Changes can easily be made on the layout and in the Object Settings window as well

  • License borrowing: get for limited time (7 days) the activation key offline. After this time period the key become online again. This option is but permanent, and you can use it at any time. It can be ordered for your existing license, too[^4^].

How to Download Eptar Reinforcement 1.36 for 366

Eptar Reinforcement 1.36 for 366 is available as a rar file that can be downloaded from Google Drive[^1^]. The file size is about 22 MB and it contains the installation files for Windows operating system. The software is compatible with ArchiCAD versions 20-22.

To install Eptar Reinforcement 1.36 for 366, you need to extract the rar file and run the setup.exe file. Follow the instructions on the screen and enter your registration data when prompted. You can purchase the product directly from Eptar's webshop or order it from your local reseller[^4^]. After you received the registration data, you should register the license in ArchiCAD.


Eptar Reinforcement 1.36 for 366 is a powerful tool that helps ArchiCAD users to design and document reinforced concrete structures with ease and accuracy. The software provides a library of reinforcement objects and an Add-on that allow users to define complex elements and generate cutting lists and schedules. The software also checks and corrects the rebar ID numbering and offers license borrowing option. 0efd9a6b88


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