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Tips and Tricks for Changing Serial Number on Samsung Printer Using JTAG and Netcat

Register using a QR code: To identify your device's serial number through a QR code, tap Scan QR code, and tap OK. Line up your phone's camera with the device's QR code. Make sure you use the barcode on the device itself, not on the packaging. When the device is found, follow the on-screen instructions to register it.

how to change serial number on samsung printer

When registering a product to your Samsung account, you will need to enter some information about your device. Some mobile devices (like phones or LTE tablets) require you to enter an IMEI number, while appliances and other devices require a serial number and model number. However, keep in mind that if you can sign into your Samsung account on the device, that will automatically register it to your Samsung account.

Serial numbers sometimes default to XXXXXXXXXX after having a component replaced or the firmware being updated. The Web interface does not offer a way to set the serial number, but this can be accomplished with some Terminal commands.

Has the location of this utility changed? I'm having the same issue and need to update the serial number on Z400 with replacement motherboard. BIOS allows me to change the number, but the internal number (Reported by HP Advisor or auto-detect) is still not maching my serial number stickers on the machine.

Hello, I sent in my S8 for screen replacement when it fell. When it came back the IMEI number is the same but the serial number is not. Software was replaced though it was still working perfectly and now the battery doesn't last long as it used to.

The insurance company is asking me to send them a copy via email of my purchase contract which states the IMEI and original serial number so they can check what happened at the repair shop (supposedly an official Samsung repair shop).

So my question is if it's safe to hand over my original serial number? They already have the IMEI . And how can this even happen should anyone have any ideas or previous experience of such a sudden change. Have they changed the motherboard or just swapped mine for another?

Thank you for your answering me. I bought it in Germany through my sim provider. This morning everything got cleared up, thank God. In their paperwork they right the IMEI number under serial number but when I got back the phone their paperwork was switched around. Plus the contract stated the IMEI as the serial number.

Hi Andrew, thank you for your quick reply. I don't live in the UK but need answers in English so I wrote here. The insurer is working with an official Samsung service provider though I don't know who. I've been in touch with Samsung Germany and they also seemed confused that my serial number is different.

What confuses me further is my original serial number is composed of only 13 digits with no letters included while the current one is a mixture of numbers and letters totaling 11 and reading up on all this for the last few days, I learnt the serial number is usual the latter.

Out of curiousity, where did you purchase the phone from? And was the serial number in the Settings (Settings > About Phone > Status) changed from before you sent it for repair to what it is now - or is the difference just in the numbers written on the back of the device itself now?

In the diagram below, a command in Powershell lists some values regarding the above two USB devices. Clearly, what we have been calling the serial number does not conflate with what the identification in Powershell calls a serial number.

I tried the setup on a different computer we will call Computer 2. As if by magic, GSmartControl now showed me all of the correct information including serial number. Well now I have even bigger problems. Why would it work properly on Computer 2 but not Computer 1? What does the computer have to do with it?

You don't need to go into dev mode to wipe the admin off the machine. All you have to do is do a power wash. If the device is controlled by an admin that's a different story. You would have to contact the company that is controlling the machine and have them release the device. If your tech-savvy you can change the serial number on the device which will break the admin control but it is risky and you risk destroying the board.

READ: This is coming from someone who bypassed the web filter, printed from school printers on a personal laptop by finding the IP address, got past a local IP internet block multiple times and was left alone by admin and IT after a few years. The enterprise lock (and device policies) is stored on the cloud and tied to the device's serial number. Without access to the administration panel, there is no way to remove the admin tie without a new motherboard! You might as well replace the Chromebook since motherboards vs. whole units end up being similar if the admin will not remove the enterprise tie.I know this is going to come up, so I'm addressing it: The screw trick DOES NOT WORK ON ANYTHING NEWER THEN THE "CR-48 SERIES", WHICH ARE ALL DECOMMISSIONED DUE TO THE FACT THEY NO LONGER GET UPDATES AFTER 5+ YEARS! UNLESS THE SCHOOL CANNOT AFFORD NEW CHROMEBOOKS (literally impossible since they get state funding and block XXX sites anyone who went through puberty knows about), they replaced them with PATCHED UNITS.

This is coming from someone who bypassed the web filter, printed from school printers on a personal laptop by finding the IP address, got past a local IP based internet block and beat IT to the point I was literally given a free pass to exploit it so they can make it go away... A Chromebook enterprise lock is truly forever since it is loaded to the device from the Google cloud - you need to change the board and the screw trick only worked on old chromebooks, which are mostly all EOL now, and out of the school system. This is an iCloud lock for schools. I wouldn't even be able to get past it, especially since the write protect screw loophole has not worked on any of the modern Chromebooks (made within the past 5 years).

even if you were a god hacker person you would trip the IT department of youre school since it will show that youre s/n(Serial number) thats different on every chromebook as offline if youre tech savvy you can change the chromebooks motherboard which the serial number is stored in you can in theory turn the chromebook normal but the school will probably try track the chromebook down in order to force you to pay for it or to take it back, so probably not a good idea to try this.

I have an issue with one device ( Pax Technology Terminal ) connected to Win 10 ( NCR Point of Sale ). after unplugging the device and connecting it the COM port number changes and every time we have to change the port number back to the correct port number for this device to work.

Also, according to the experience before, the Windows assign the COM port according VID, PID and serial number. So with the same device plug in, it should always get same COM port assignment. But when two devices with same VID, PID and serial number might be treated as same device. When you plug in them in sequence, Windows can assign different COM port for them. However, after rebooting the Windows with the two USB devices attached, the COM port assignment should be decided by Windows for the two USB devices with same VID, PID and serial number.

For network printers, when you first access Xerox CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS) after printer installation, the system prompts you to change the default system administrator password. The initial default password is the printer serial number. The printer serial number is located on the data label on the rear cover, and is printed on the Configuration Report.

Some businesses require serial numbers for all USB devices attached to their network. The Window Device Manager console displays a list of all your USB peripherals and provides you with detailed specifications. When browsing this detailed information, you can find the serial number of a USB device. Examples of USB devices are flash key, mouse, keyboard and wireless adapter.

(Added 2015) Some of the documents that we previously received through FOIA suggested that all major manufacturers of color laser printers entered a secret agreement with governments to ensure that the output of those printers is forensically traceable. Although we still don't know if this is correct, or how subsequent generations of forensic tracking technologies might work, it is probably safest to assume that all modern color laser printers do include some form of tracking information that associates documents with the printer's serial number. (If any manufacturer wishes to go on record with a statement to the contrary, we'll be happy to publish that here.)

Forensic investigations of the source of documents produced with other printing technologies are also possible, but, as far as we know, printers other than color laser and similar technologies do not deliberately encode their serial numbers in their output.

Most printer manufacturers include these yellow dot patterns, which reveal information such as the serial number of the printer and the date and time when the document was printed. They are effectively invisible to the naked eye and they are ostensibly used to identify suspects in criminal counterfeit investigations.


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