Riding Lessons

Freedom Horse riding lessons are for individuals who want to learn how to ride in a quiet non competitive environment. We teach all riders and riders with a range of physical, emotional, cognitive and social disabilities how to ride.


The environment of the horse can provide more than just riding skills. Our programs offer the equine environment, which will teach companionship, responsibility, leadership, vocational and educational skills as well as offer competition venues in the different horse discipline
















 We adhere to the PATH International guidelines for teaching.


Our hours of operation vary day to day. We ask that you please respect that we do not allow any unscheduled visits. Some of our programs require client confidentiality. By scheduling your visit we will have enough time to show you around and be able to speak with you about the various programs we offer.

​You can be assured, we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide.


Contact Elizabeth Doskotz  908-797-4547 for more information.